Are you a victim of cryptocurrency investments?

You have come to the right place. We have filed class-action suits against Javier Biosca, Arbistar, Mind Capital, Kuailian, and other allegedly fraudulent brokers and traders with the Audiencia Nacional (Spanish High Court).

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About Us

The Asociación de Afectados por Inversiones en Criptomonedas (Association of Cryptocurrency Investment Victims) (AAIC) was created to assemble everyone who has been harmed by the fraudulent actions of cryptocurrency investment brokers or platforms.

Our founding mission is to defend the basic rights of consumers, especially rights related to their legitimate economic and social interests against unfair, abusive, and fraudulent business practices. To this end, the association has set different criminal legal actions in motion to claim the return of investments in different cryptocurrencies on behalf of its members.

At the AAIC, we are pioneers and have paved the way in handling cases of alleged cryptocurrency investment fraud. Our association, represented by Emilia Zaballos and her law firm with a multidisciplinary, professional team, give our members the best chance of recovering their investment and promised yields.

Emilia Zaballos Pulido

President of the Association

Doctorate in Law. Founding member of Zaballos Abogados and President of the Zaballos Foundation for the Defense of Constitutional Rights.

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Platforms Involved

Have you been a victim?

Plataforma N2 Group Limited-Poolme-Nexfolio





We attempt to bring victims together from across different platforms. We gather evidence, bank and purse transfers, contracts and promises of yields, conversations, etc.

Our goal with all this material is to go straight to the Audiencia Nacional (Spanish High Court) to file class-action suits, or join those already in existence, against these corporations. 

"Strength lies in numbers"

By working together, we can do it. We can face the cost of legal proceedings against these powerful institutions, which would be quite difficult to do on an individual basis.

You are fully entitled to demand the money you have invested and the earnings they promised you from these companies. We can help you. Join the hundreds of cryptocurrency victims that we represent. We have a specialized team of professionals, the resources, the experience, and the determination to win.

All we need is you!



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